Source code for sparseml.sparsification.recipe_builder

# Copyright (c) 2021 - present / Neuralmagic, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing,
# software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

Classes for building YAML SparseML recipes without instantiating specific modifier\

import textwrap
from copy import deepcopy
from typing import Any, Dict, List, Optional, Type, Union

import yaml

from sparseml.optim import BaseModifier, ModifierProp
from sparseml.sparsification.model_info import ModelInfo
from sparseml.sparsification.modifier_epoch import EpochRangeModifier
from sparseml.sparsification.modifier_lr import SetLearningRateModifier
from sparseml.sparsification.modifier_pruning import GMPruningModifier
from sparseml.utils import create_parent_dirs

__all__ = [

[docs]class ModifierYAMLBuilder(object): """ Class for building a YAML string representation of a modifier by setting various properties of it. Properties are automatically inferred through the serializable ModifierProps of the given modifier. They can be accessed through auto-generated set_{name} and get_{name}. :param modifier_class: reference to the class of modifier this object should create a YAML representation for :param kwargs: modifier property kwargs to values to initialize them. each key must be a valid serializable ModifierProp of the modifier class """ def __init__(self, modifier_class: Type[BaseModifier], **kwargs): assert issubclass( modifier_class, BaseModifier ), "a subclass of Modifier must be used to instantiate a ModifierYAMLBuilder" self._modifier_class = modifier_class self._modifier_property_names = set() self._properties = {} for attr in dir(modifier_class): attr_obj = getattr(modifier_class, attr) if isinstance(attr_obj, ModifierProp) and attr_obj.serializable: self._modifier_property_names.add(attr) for key, value in kwargs.items(): if key in self._modifier_property_names: self._properties[key] = value else: raise ValueError( f"Modifier {modifier_class} has no serializable " f"property {key}" ) def __getattr__(self, item: str) -> Any: if item in self.__dict__: return getattr(self, item) elif item in self._modifier_property_names: return self._properties.get(item) elif item == "__name__": return f"{self.__class__.__name__}.{self._modifier_class.__name__}" else: raise ValueError( f"{self.__class__.__name__} of {self._modifier_class} has no " f"property {item}" ) def __setattr__(self, key: str, value: Any): if key in ["_modifier_class", "_modifier_property_names", "_properties"]: super().__setattr__(key, value) elif key in self._modifier_property_names: self._properties[key] = value else: raise ValueError( f"{self.__class__.__name__} of {self._modifier_class.__name__} has no " f"property {key}" )
[docs] def copy(self) -> "ModifierYAMLBuilder": """ :return: newly constructed ModifierYAMLBuilder with the same base class and properties """ properties = deepcopy(self._properties) return self.__class__(self.modifier_class, **properties)
@property def modifier_class(self) -> Type[BaseModifier]: """ :return: the class of the Modifier for which this object is building a string """ return self._modifier_class
[docs] def build_yaml_str(self) -> str: """ :return: string representation of the built Modifier as a YAML list item """ class_name_yaml = f"- !{self._modifier_class.__name__}" properties_yaml = "\n".join( [f"{key}: {to_yaml_str(value)}" for key, value in self._properties.items()] ) properties_yaml = textwrap.indent(properties_yaml, " ") return f"{class_name_yaml}\n{properties_yaml}"
[docs]class RecipeYAMLBuilder(object): """ Class for building a YAML SparseML recipe with standardized structure :param variables: dict of string initial variable names to non-modifier recipe variables to be included. Default is an empty dict :param modifier_groups: dict of string initial modifier group names to a list of ModifierYAMLBuilder objects of modifiers to be included in that group. All modifier group names must contain 'modifiers' in the string. Default is an empty dict """ def __init__( self, variables: Dict[str, Any] = None, modifier_groups: Dict[str, List[ModifierYAMLBuilder]] = None, ): self._variables = variables or {} self._modifier_groups = modifier_groups or {} self._validate()
[docs] def add_modifier_group( self, name: str, modifier_builders: List[ModifierYAMLBuilder] = None ) -> "RecipeYAMLBuilder": """ Adds a modifier group with the given name to this builder :param name: name of new modifier group :param modifier_builders: list of modifier builder objects to initialize this group with. Default is an empty list :return: a reference to this object with the modifier group now added """ self._validate_modifier_group_name(name) if name in self._modifier_groups: raise KeyError( f"{name} is already a modifier group name in this RecipeYAMLBuilder" ) modifier_builders = modifier_builders or [] self._modifier_groups[name] = modifier_builders self._validate() return self
[docs] def get_modifier_group(self, name: str) -> Optional[List[ModifierYAMLBuilder]]: """ :param name: name of the modifier group to retrieve the modifier builders of :return: reference to the list of modifier builders currently in this modifier group. if the modifier group does not exist, None will be returned """ return self._modifier_groups.get(name)
[docs] def get_modifier_builders( self, modifier_type: Optional[Union[Type[BaseModifier], str]] = None, modifier_groups: Optional[Union[List[str], str]] = None, ): """ :param modifier_type: optional type of modifier to filter by. Can be a type reference that will match if the modifier is of that type or a subclass of it or a string where it will match if the class is exactly that name. Defaults to None :param modifier_groups: optional list of modifier group names to match to. Defaults to None :return: all modifier builders in this recipe, filtered by type and group """ if isinstance(modifier_groups, str): modifier_groups = [modifier_groups] modifier_builders = [] for group, builders in self._modifier_groups.items(): if modifier_groups is not None and group not in modifier_groups: continue for builder in builders: if modifier_type and not self._modifier_builder_is_instance( builder, modifier_type ): continue modifier_builders.append(builder) return modifier_builders
[docs] def get_variable(self, name: str, default: Any = None) -> Any: """ :param name: name of the recipe variable to return :param default: default value that should be returned if the given name is not a current variable :return: current value of the given variable, or the default if the variable is not set in this builder """ return self._variables.get(name, default)
[docs] def has_variable(self, name: str) -> bool: """ :param name: name of the recipe variable to check :return: True if this recipe builder has a variable with the given name. False otherwise """ return name in self._variables
[docs] def set_variable(self, name: str, val: Any) -> "RecipeYAMLBuilder": """ Sets the given variable name to the given value :param name: variable name to set :param val: value to set the variable to :return: a reference to this object with the variable now set """ self._variables[name] = val return self
[docs] def build_yaml_str(self) -> str: """ :return: yaml string representation of this recipe in standard format """ # write variables yaml_str = "\n".join( [f"{key}: {to_yaml_str(value)}" for key, value in self._variables.items()] ) # write modifier groups for group, builders in self._modifier_groups.items(): if not builders: continue # do not write empty groups modifiers_yaml = "\n\n".join( [builder.build_yaml_str() for builder in builders] ) modifiers_yaml = textwrap.indent(modifiers_yaml, " ") yaml_str += f"\n\n{group}:\n{modifiers_yaml}" return yaml_str
[docs] def save_yaml(self, file_path: str): """ Saves this recipe as a yaml file to the given path :param file_path: file path to save file to. if no '.' character is found in the path, '.yaml' will be added to the path """ if "." not in file_path: file_path += ".yaml" self._save_file_str(self.build_yaml_str(), file_path)
[docs] def save_markdown(self, file_path: str, desc: str = ""): """ Saves this recipe as a markdown file to the given path with the recipe yaml contained in the frontmatter :param file_path: file path to save file to. if no '.' character is found in the path, '.md' will be added to the path :param desc: optional description to add to the markdown file after the recipe YAML in the frontmatter. Default is empty string """ if "." not in file_path: file_path += ".md" md_content = f"---\n{self.build_yaml_str()}\n---\n{desc}" self._save_file_str(md_content, file_path)
@staticmethod def _save_file_str(content: str, file_path: str): create_parent_dirs(file_path) with open(file_path, "w") as file: file.write(content) @staticmethod def _validate_modifier_group_name(name: str) -> bool: if "modifiers" not in name: raise ValueError( "modifier groups must contain 'modifiers' in their name received " f"group with name: {name}" ) @staticmethod def _modifier_builder_is_instance( builder: ModifierYAMLBuilder, type_: Union[Type[BaseModifier], str] ) -> bool: builder_class = builder.modifier_class if isinstance(type_, str): return builder_class.__name__ == type_ return builder_class is type_ or issubclass(builder_class, type_) def _validate(self): if not isinstance(self._variables, Dict): raise ValueError( "RecipeYAMLBuilder variables object must be a Dict " f"found type {type(self._variables)}" ) for name, builders in self._modifier_groups.items(): self._validate_modifier_group_name(name) if not isinstance(builders, List): raise ValueError( "All modifier groups in RecipeYAMLBuilder must contain a list" f"of ModifierYAMLBuilder objects. Group {name} has value of " f"type {type(builders)}" ) for builder in builders: if not isinstance(builder, ModifierYAMLBuilder): raise ValueError( "All modifier groups in RecipeYAMLBuilder must contain a " f"list of ModifierYAMLBuilder objects. Group {name} " f"contains an element of type {type(builder)}" )
[docs]class PruningRecipeBuilder(RecipeYAMLBuilder): """ Builds a basic, editable pruning recipe based on a given model info standardized variables may be modified by constructor, or later on | Sample yaml: | num_epochs: 100 | init_lr: 0.0001 | pruning_start_target: 0.0 | pruning_end_target: 0.6 | pruning_update_frequency: 0.5 | base_target_sparsity: 0.8 | mask_type: unstructured | | training_modifiers: | - !EpochRangeModifier | start_epoch: 0.0 | end_epoch: eval(num_epochs) | | - !SetLearningRateModifier | start_epoch: 0.0 | learning_rate: eval(init_lr) | | pruning_modifiers: | - !GMPruningModifier | params: | - ... # based on prunable param names found in ModelInfo | init_sparsity: 0.0 | final_sparsity: eval(base_target_sparsity) | start_epoch: eval(pruning_start_target * num_epochs) | end_epoch: eval(pruning_end_target * num_epochs) | update_frequency: eval(pruning_update_frequency) | mask_type: eval(mask_type) :param model_info: model info object to extract layer information from :param num_epochs: total number of epochs the recipe should run for. Default is 100 :param init_lr: initial learning rate value. Default is 0.0001 :param pruning_start_target: epoch that pruning should begin. this value should be in range [0.0,1.0] representing the fraction of num_epochs that the start epoch should be. (start_epoch=pruning_start_target*num_epochs). Default is 0.0 :param pruning_end_target: epoch that pruning should complete. this value should be in range [0.0,1.0] representing the fraction of num_epochs that the end epoch should be. (end_epoch=pruning_end_target*num_epochs). Default is 0.6 :param base_target_sparsity: target sparsity for pruning layers to. Default is 0.8 :param pruning_update_frequency: udpate frequency for pruning modifier. Default is 0.5 :param mask_type: mask type to set the pruning modifier to. Default is unstructured """ def __init__( self, model_info: ModelInfo, num_epochs: float = 100.0, init_lr: float = 0.0001, pruning_start_target: float = 0.0, pruning_end_target: float = 0.6, base_target_sparsity: float = 0.8, pruning_update_frequency: float = 0.5, mask_type: str = "unstructured", ): self.num_epochs = num_epochs self.init_lr = init_lr self.pruning_start_target = pruning_start_target self.pruning_end_target = pruning_end_target self.pruning_update_frequency = pruning_update_frequency self.base_target_sparsity = base_target_sparsity self.mask_type = mask_type super().__init__( variables=dict( num_epochs=self.num_epochs, init_lr=self.init_lr, pruning_start_target=self.pruning_start_target, pruning_end_target=self.pruning_end_target, pruning_update_frequency=self.pruning_update_frequency, base_target_sparsity=self.base_target_sparsity, mask_type=self.mask_type, ), modifier_groups=dict( training_modifiers=self._base_training_modifiers(), pruning_modifiers=self._base_pruning_modifiers(model_info), ), ) def __setattr__(self, key: str, value: Any): # allow updates to base variables to propagate to the internal vars dict if key in dir(self) and self.has_variable(key): self.set_variable(key, value) super().__setattr__(key, value) @staticmethod def _base_training_modifiers() -> List[ModifierYAMLBuilder]: epoch_modifier = ModifierYAMLBuilder( EpochRangeModifier, start_epoch=0.0, end_epoch="eval(num_epochs)" ) init_lr_modifier = ModifierYAMLBuilder( SetLearningRateModifier, learning_rate="eval(init_lr)", ) return [epoch_modifier, init_lr_modifier] @staticmethod def _base_pruning_modifiers(model_info: ModelInfo) -> List[ModifierYAMLBuilder]: pruning_modifier = ModifierYAMLBuilder( GMPruningModifier, params=list(model_info.get_prunable_param_names()), init_sparsity=0.0, final_sparsity="eval(base_target_sparsity)", start_epoch="eval(pruning_start_target * num_epochs)", end_epoch="eval(pruning_end_target * num_epochs)", update_frequency="eval(pruning_update_frequency)", mask_type="eval(mask_type)", ) return [pruning_modifier]
[docs] def build_yaml_str(self) -> str: """ :return: yaml string representation of this recipe in standard format """ for pruning_modifier in self.get_modifier_builders(GMPruningModifier): params = pruning_modifier.params if isinstance(params, list): pruning_modifier.params = list(sorted(params)) return super().build_yaml_str()
[docs]def to_yaml_str(val: Any) -> str: """ :param val: value to get yaml str value of :return: direct str cast of val if it is an int, float, or bool, otherwise the stripped output of yaml.dump """ if isinstance(val, (str, int, float, bool)): return str(val) else: yaml_str = yaml.dump(val).strip() if isinstance(val, (Dict, List)): yaml_str = "\n" + yaml_str return yaml_str