sparsify package


Submodules module[source] str, host: str, port: int, debug: bool, logging_level: str, ui_path: Optional[str])[source]

sparsify.log module

Root logging file to handle standard logging setups for the package


a main logger that can be used in external scripts for logging in a standard format that is consistent with other loggers in sparsify


the logger used for the sparsify root package that all other loggers in that namespace are created from

sparsify.log.set_logging_level(level: int)[source]

Set the logging level for the MAIN and ROOT loggers along with all loggers created in the sparsify namespace


level – the log level to set; ex: logging.INFO

sparsify.version module

Functionality for storing and setting the version info for Sparsify

Module contents

Functionality for handling the backend of Sparsify to benchmark and sparsify neural networks