Installing and Launching Sparsify

To install Sparsify, run:

pip install sparsify

To launch Sparsify, type the following command:


Optionally, you can run sparsify -h to get more options.

From the Start screen, you can

(Start screen)

Start a new project

The New Project button initiates the start of a new project during which you will analyze, optimize, and integrate your model to maximize performance and ensure compatibility with optionally, Neural Magic’s DeepSparse Engine.

Open an existing project

Projects are listed in a navigation bar (black area) on the left of the Start page. You can create a single or multiple projects for your analysis.

Display additional information

An information (i) button is available in the upper right of the navigation bar to display information about Sparsify.

(Sparsify version numbers)

Next step…

Go deeper on details with the Sparsify Overview.