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Supported Hardware

Supported Hardware for the DeepSparse Engine

With support for AVX2, AVX-512, and VNNI instruction sets, the DeepSparse Engine is validated to work on x86 Intel (Haswell generation and later) and AMD CPUs running Linux. Mac and Windows require running Linux in a Docker or virtual machine.

Here is a table detailing specific support for some algorithms over different microarchitectures:

x86 ExtensionMicroarchitecturesActivation SparsityKernel SparsitySparse Quantization
AMD AVX2Zen 2, Zen 3not supportedoptimizednot supported
Intel AVX2Haswell, Broadwell, and newernot supportedoptimizednot supported
Intel AVX-512Skylake Cannon Lake, and neweroptimizedoptimizedemulated
Intel AVX-512 VNNI (DL Boost)Cascade Lake. Ice Lake, Cooper Lake, Tiger Lakeoptimizedoptimizedoptimized
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