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Version: 1.7.0

Sparse Foundational Llama 2 Models

Neural Magic and Cerebras partnered to offer a range of expertly optimized Llama 2-based Large Language Models (LLMs) that have been sparsified for superior performance and reduced footprint. These models are carefully selected and rigorously tested, ensuring exceptional quality and seamless deployment.

Why Choose Sparse Llama 2 Models?

  • Accelerated Inference: Sparse Llama 2 models offer significant speed improvements, enabling faster responses and real-time applications.
  • Reduced Resource Requirements: Sparsification decreases the model's size, allowing deployment on edge devices or in environments with limited compute power.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Lower compute requirements translate to reduced operational costs for your LLM-based applications.


Sparse Llama 2 Chat Demo

Experience the capabilities of Sparse Llama 2 models firsthand with our HF Spaces interactive demo highlighting their performance and potential applications.


Currently, the following Sparse Llama 2 models are available for immediate use:

  • Sparse Llama2-7B Pretrained: A versatile and powerful LLM that has been sparsified for finetuning onto your specific use case.
  • Sparse Llama2-7B Chat: A specialized variant of the Sparse Llama2-7B model, optimized for chatbot applications.
  • Sparse Llama2-7B Code Generation: A specialized variant of the Sparse Llama2-7B model, optimized for code generation tasks.
  • Sparse Llama2-7B Instruction Tuning: A specialized variant of the Sparse Llama2-7B model, optimized for instruction tuning tasks.

Sparse Llama 2 Models on Hugging Face

Explore Neural Magic's collection of Sparse Llama 2 models, including the versatile Sparse Llama2-7B and other specialized variants. Select the model that best aligns with your use case.



Deploy Sparse Llama 2 models with DeepSparse, Neural Magic's platform for efficient and seamless model deployment on CPUs.



Optimize your Sparse Llama 2 models even further using SparseML. Discover pre-configured recipes and customize optimization strategies to maximize performance for your specific use case.

Cerebras Sparse Training

Train your own Sparse Llama 2 models using Cerebras' advanced sparse training capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.