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Version: 1.7.0


This page guides you through installing Neural Magic's core products – DeepSparse, SparseML, and SparseZoo. We provide streamlined installation commands for common use cases and links for in-depth instructions.


Ensure your system meets the following requirements before proceeding with the installation based on your use case:

Deployment Hardware Requirements

  • CPU: x86 with AVX2 instructions (Intel Haswell or newer, AMD Zen 2 or newer) or ARM v8.2 or newer.
  • RAM: Minimum 1GB (model and configuration dependent)

Training Hardware Requirements

  • CPU: Intel, AMD, or ARM
  • RAM: 4GB+ recommended (depends on your models and workflows)
  • GPU: NVIDIA (recommended, 16GB+ VRAM); AMD (limited support)

Software Requirements

  • OS: Linux (e.g., Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat); MacOS (limited support)
  • Python: 3.8 - 3.11
  • PyTorch: >= 1.1.0, < 2.2

Task-Specific Installation

Choose the installation command tailored to your primary deep learning task.

LLMs - Causal Language Modeling

pip install deepsparse[llm,server] sparseml[llm]

Computer Vision: Object Detection

pip install deepsparse[yolov8,server] sparseml[yolov8]

Computer Vision: Image Classification

pip install deepsparse[torchvision,server] sparseml[torchvision]

Natural Language Processing

pip install deepsparse[transformers,server] sparseml[transformers]

Product-Specific Installation

For comprehensive installation guides and customization options, explore the dedicated pages for each product:

📄️ DeepSparse

Install DeepSparse, Neural Magic's high-performance inference engine, for optimized deep learning model deployment on CPUs.

📄️ SparseML

Install SparseML, Neural Magic's toolkit for optimizing deep learning models through state-of-the-art sparsification techniques.

📄️ SparseZoo

Install SparseZoo, Neural Magic's repository of pre-sparsified models, or learn how to access it through SparseML and DeepSparse.