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Neural Magic Documentation

Neural Magic is a leader in machine learning model optimization and inference acceleration on the hardware of your choice, CPU or GPU. Our software makes your deployments fast and efficient, and your machine learning practice manageable.


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Example CPU Workflow Neural Magic Flows

Selecting a Model

Start by choosing the ideal model for your project:

  • Neural Magic's Model Repositories: Discover a vast selection of pre-sparsified models across popular use cases in our SparseZoo and Hugging Face repositories. These models are ready for immediate, high-performance deployment.
  • Custom Models: Easily integrate your PyTorch or ONNX models into Neural Magic's workflow, applying cutting-edge optimization and deployment techniques tailored to your specific needs.

Optimizing a Model

Achieve unmatched model efficiency with Neural Magic's SparseML. This powerful toolkit leverages state-of-the-art research to streamline your optimization process:

  • Advanced Sparsification: Employ sophisticated pruning and quantization strategies to shrink model size and boost inference speed.
  • User-Friendly Approach: SparseML is intuitive and accessible, empowering users at all levels to apply advanced optimization techniques effortlessly.

Deploying a Model

Deploy your optimized model with exceptional performance on CPUs using Neural Magic's DeepSparse:

  • CPU-Optimized Performance: DeepSparse harnesses the potential of sparsity to deliver GPU-level performance on commodity CPUs, maximizing hardware utilization.
  • Seamless Integration: Deploy easily, as DeepSparse smoothly integrates into your existing applications, minimizing development overhead.

Next Steps

Ready to revolutionize your deep learning workflow? Dive into our detailed guides and documentation:


📄️ Getting Started

Launch your Neural Magic journey with essential setup, installation guides, and foundational concepts.

📄️ Guides

DeepSparse Features and Deployment Options. More to come.

📄️ Products

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Neural Magic's core products (nm-vllm, SparseML, DeepSparse, SparseZoo) and their key features.

📄️ Details

Explore in-depth tutorials and walkthroughs showcasing best practices for model optimization, deployment, and use-case-specific applications.


📄️ LLMs - Causal Language Modeling

Harness the power of causal language models for creative text generation tasks, including creative writing, dialogue simulation, and code writing assistance.

📄️ Computer Vision

Optimize and deploy cutting-edge computer vision models for image classification, object detection, and complex image segmentation tasks.

📄️ Natural Language Processing

Optimize and deploy cutting-edge models for natural language processing.

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