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DeepSparse Community

DeepSparse Community Installation

DeepSparse Community enables GPU-class performance on commodity CPUs.

Currently, DeepSparse is tested on Python 3.7-3.10, ONNX 1.5.0-1.10.1, ONNX opset version 11+ and is manylinux compliant.

We currently support x86 CPU architectures.

DeepSparse is available in two versions:

  1. DeepSparse Community is free for evaluation, research, and non-production use with our DeepSparse Community License.
  2. DeepSparse Enterprise requires a Trial License or can be fully licensed for production, commercial applications.

General Install

Use the following command to install DeepSparse Community with pip:

pip install deepsparse

Installing the Server

DeepSparse Server allows you to serve models and pipelines through an HTTP interface using the deepsparse.server CLI. To install, use the following extra option:

pip install deepsparse[server]

Installing YOLO

The Ultralytics YOLOv5 models require extra dependencies for deployment. To use YOLO models, install with the following extra option:

1pip install deepsparse[yolo] # just yolo requirements
2pip install deepsparse[yolo,server] # both yolo + server requirements
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DeepSparse Enterprise Installation