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Getting Started

Launch your Neural Magic journey with essential setup, installation guides, and foundational concepts.

Installing SparseML

Install SparseML, Neural Magic's toolkit for optimizing deep learning models through state-of-the-art sparsification techniques.

Optimizing LLMs

Optimize large language models (LLMs) for efficient inference using one-shot pruning and quantization. Learn how to improve model performance and reduce costs without sacrificing accuracy.

Sparse Fine-Tuning With LLMs

Improve the performance of your large language models (LLMs) through fine-tuning with Neural Magic's SparseML. Optimize LLMs for specific tasks while maintaining accuracy.

Sparse Transferring LLMs

Adapt large language models (LLMs) to new domains and tasks using sparse transfer learning with Neural Magic's SparseML. Maintain accuracy while optimizing for efficiency.